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About Us: Inner_about


Welcome! we're Fabiano and Sharina, all our jewelry pieces are imagined and made by hand in our little jewelry shop is Las Vegas, Nevada, and we love every minute of our jewelry filled life!

We really care about our customers, that's why everything is carefully handcrafted piece by piece by us, always thinking about solutions that are gentle to our planet and how to make our customers happy. 


Fabiano has been a jeweler since he is 17 years old, with over 25 years of experience in jewelry making, working in Italy, Thailand and NYC, he learned from the very best.  After making other peoples dreams come true, Fabiano decided it was time to work on his own ideas, and start developing a dream of his own and with the help of his wife, Sharina, they started dreaming and creating, that's when Evabelle Jewelry was born.


Sharina studied graphic design and advertising, but found her passion in jewelry making since she was a little girl, it was a match made in heaven when she met her husband, Fabiano, together they started creating and building, a family and a business. She feels fulfillment in helping people and traveling the world.


Our family has grown with Evabelle Jewelry over the years, we have added two daughters and countless experiences, we're deeply grateful you're allowing us to make jewelry for you.

Together we are the best team,  we make everything based on love, and inspiration in our little family.
Together we created this brand and working as a team started taking it to a broader public, going to local markets and selling our pieces online. 

thanks to our customers for helping us grow our dream!

About Us: Inner_about
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