THIS IS AN UPGRADE FOR THE SPLINT RING, you have to purchase a Splint Ring of your liking, and add this item to your cart too. 


Please add this lateral support if needed, this lateral support works if you need to correct deviation and stop hyperextension of a joint. Please remember the lateral support is placed on the side opposite the direction the finger is deviating, so if you need support in just ONE SIDE of the ring, please select the side in the OPTIONS before checkout.


If you need support in BOTH SIDES of the ring, please select it in the OPTIONS.


You can only add lateral support to SWAN RINGS.


Any questions please contact us, we're always happy to answer questions and help. :)





••Please keep in mind that we're not doctors or specialists in splints making, we're Jewelers that love to help. If you have any reaction or swelling please stop using your splint and talk to your doctor••





Any questions that you may have please contact us, we'll be happy to reply,

you can send us an email to










Thanks for supporting handmade!

• Sharina and Fabiano •

UPGRADE lateral support for Swan Splint Rings

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