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Find out how to easily measure your ring size

Welcome to our new Website and Blog! We're so excited to expand and get to know all of our customers. In this occasion, we'll show you guys how to measure your ring size if you don't have a Ring Sizer or a Measuring Tape in hand.

You'll just need a piece of paper at least 1/4'' wide, a pen, ruler, scissors and you're all set. Please watch the video bellow to find out how to measure.

After measuring, you'll need to convert your measurement to US ring size by clicking here, or going to this website:

And then you're all set to order your ring, please remember that if you're ordering a splint, you'll need to measure above and bellow your knuckle.


If you do this process, and still are not sure about your size, please send us a message, we're always happy to help. We also have ring sizers available in our shop, you can check them out clicking here.

Thanks for reading!


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